DTF Transfer Film Hot Peel DTF Film Roll For Tshirt Transfer Printing Heat Transfer Film PET

$ 30.85
Material PET
Specification 0.6*100m
Model 0.6*100M
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DTF transfer film is also called color inkjet film, digital printing film and so on. which is two

side printing film, which need water-based colored ink and white ink are directly printed on

the DTF transfer film through the printer to form various beautiful patterns, which are dried by sprinkling hot melt adhesive powder and then transferred to different fabric.

Conventional Thickness
Conventional Length
Conventional Width
Heat Press Temperature
Heat Press Time
Peeling method
Instant Peeling

DTF transfer film after ironing is bright in color, soft to the touch, good elasticity,

washable, rubbing resistance, hand-washed and machine washable, strong weather resistance, high

and low temperature The glue will not open or break under the environment.


Characteristic: The instant peeling matte digital printing film is coated with matte release agent and printing coating. The surface is smooth and uniform . There are some advantages such as good matte,good ink absorption,uniform color, no static electricity,easy peeling, etc. Suitable for most digital printing ink.

Peeling method: instant peeling

Heat transfer conditions: temperature: 130-150 , time:6-8S

Thickness: 80um

Specification: Roll:60cm * 100m; Sheet:A3/A4; 100PCS/ pack.

Application scope: It is widely used in digital printing. This kind of printing film is peeled easily. It is suitable for different types of printers and

printing inks. It is suitable for heat transfer printing factories to make various clothing transfer trademark, transfer printing pattern, etc.

Storage method: Indoor sealed and moisture- proof storage, avoid direct sunlight.